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Hemp Cones

What are Hemp Cones?

Hemp Cones are the organic and natural alternative to the tobacco leaf that has swept the cannabis market by storm! Hemp rolling cones continue to be the top choice for health-conscious cannabis consumers, producers, and manufacturers alike. With the all-natural and organic hemp blunt cones creating the best slow-burning and smooth smoking experience. Additionally, it is hard to believe there are any other alternative papers for rolling on the market.

Not only are hemp pre-rolled cones popular due to their being sourced straight from the plant, but they are an affordable option for everyone involved. Hemps blunts give off that fresh earthy vibe, so you can feel great with every inhale and even better with every exhale.

Being that hemp cones are the nicotine-free alternative to the old-school tobacco leaf and papers it should come as no surprise that Smoke Cones is offering these must-have hemp paper pre-rolls at wholesale prices in a variety of new flavor options!

Hemp rolling cones are a simple choice for both producers and manufacturers to purchase wholesale. They are the safest way to smoke and the most eco-friendly form of pre-roll packaging on the market. Knowing and investing a little time into the benefits of the hemp pre rolled cones gets you one step closer to understanding why it is the future of cannabis papers.

What are the Benefits of Hemp Cones?

Now that we know the basics surrounding this healthier alternative smoke cone let's dive into the heartbeat of the organic pre-rolls phenomenon. Healthy pre rolled cones have come to signify a new way of smoking that is all organic and fresh from the earth. The hemp joint cones are seed to sale and you notice it straight down to the all-natural flavoring.

Benefits and Why WE Love Hemp Blunt Cones:

  • Naturally sourced fresh from the plant
  • Different natural flavor profiles
  • Tobacco-free and nicotine-free pre-rolled hemp cones
  • Eco-friendly, down the manufacturing process
  • Organic healthier smoking alternative
  • Slow smooth-burning design
  • No addictive additives, pesticides, toxins, or formulated fertilizers
  • Inexpensive smoking method and way to ingest a natural medicine
  • CBD component
  • Time-saving, simple to roll, and easier to smoke

What you see is what you get with organic hemp cones and this is true all the way down to your first time smoking. The benefits are clear when comparing hemp paper pre-rolls to other pre-rolls on the market and that is how it should be.

Now more than ever cannabis consumers and just straight-up consumers want to know what they are ingesting and putting in their bodies and organic pre rolled cones take out the fear and confusion. As cannabis consumption continues to gain momentum and aid those in need it is so important that producers and manufacturers are providing organic cones and appropriately priced products to the cannabis consumers and patients.

What Types of Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones are Available?

Smoke Cones provides an impressive variety of sizes and naturally flavored hemp blunts! Whether you are want to stalk up on all of the new natural flavors or wholesale pre-roll shrink wrap for storing, Smoke Cones has the necessities to get you “rolling”!

Flavored hemp cones add that extra special something to take your smoking experience to the next level! Check out some of the organic pre-rolls flavors that Smoke Cones has in stock to ensure your consumers are taking advantage of the best hemp blunts in today’s market!

Trending Hemp Pre-Roll Flavors

  • Berry Gelato
  • Lemonade
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Pink Cookies
  • Mimosa
  • Classic Mixed Grape
  • SFV OG

Smoke Cones does not just provide all the new and trending flavors, but also gives you the opportunity to make your company speak for itself! With hemp blunt cones being offered in standard to king-size options with and without the perfect filter tip inserts, you are able to shop for what is best for YOUR business.

If your company prefers the sleek classic white hemp pre-roll or the premium 100% organic brown hemp blunt, you are able to personalize your own business's voice in bulk. Smoke Cones is stoked to be a main distributor of reputable brands in hemp cones such as RAW, Zig-Zag, Elements, you name it.

Having options available to both companies and individual consumers is a must if you want to keep up in the dynamic cannabis industry! This is why Smoke Cones not only knows what is trending but provides the finest options wholesale.

How to Pack the Perfect Hemp Blunts Using Hemp Blunt Cones

Using the right material to roll with is half the battle, but completing and perfecting the process is what sets you and/or your business apart from the “average joe”. Hemp blunts are not just a healthier smoking alternative, but they are oh-so-easy to work with!

By mastering the rolling process you save time, and money, which can make all the difference in the freshness of your product! Here are some simple tips and guidelines to have you rolling the best hemp blunts possible:

How To Roll and Pack The Right Way:

1. First, Pick out a pack of your favorite natural flavored hemp blunt cones.

2. Next, grind up your cannabis carefully and of similar size pieces. This provides an even smoke and perfect airflow so your smoke session is not interrupted.

3. Place your perfectly ground cannabis on a flat surface or rolling tray.

4. Face your hemp cone upwards at a small angle and enjoy the fact that most hemp cones provide a filter tip insert.

5. Begin to pack your cannabis into the wider end of your hemp cone ensuring it is not packed too tightly or loosely. You can pack in the cannabis using your fingers or a simple packing tool.

6. Once you reach the end of your hemp blunt, save a little room to twist the end shut to keep your beloved cannabis inside.

7. Now you are ready to light up your organic hemp blunt and enjoy your tobacco-free smoke session!

Bear in mind that this is a universal way of rolling and packing hemp blunt cones by hand. If you would like to make it even more simple or expand on the amount you roll snag a pre-roll machine and stock up on hemp blunts to perfect your favorite way to smoke!

Where to Purchase Wholesale Hemp Cones

Organic hemp pre roll cones are available in a wide variety on the easy-to-navigate Smoke Cones site! Aside from having the best options of wholesale hemp cones, it is producers' and manufacturers' go-to online shop for pre-roll packaging! Whether your company is looking for pre-roll tubes or high-quality custom brand packaging, Smoke Cones has got you covered!

Get creative with your organic pre-rolls and purchase through a supplier that provides the finest wholesale pre-rolled hemp cones in the best flavors at the best prices! Smoke Cones works with top brands to be able to distribute the finest products with first-hand knowledge.

Not only does Smoke Cones offer an impressively wide range of hemp cones on their easy-to-navigate site. However, they provide live support for all your custom and wholesale orders! Enjoy Smoke Cones price beat guarantee, secure payment setup, and wholesale discounts. Go ahead and get rolling, you can thank us later!

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