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Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are the unsung heroes of the smoking world. These delicate sheets have journeyed through time, adapting their roles to fulfill the demands of their era—once serving tobacco and now frequently used as rolling papers for smoking weed. But these papers are far more than mere vehicles for tobacco or weed. As we delve into the history and craft of rolling papers for smoking, we'll illuminate the intricate role they play in the ritual of smoking, their evolution over time, and their newfound significance in the realm of papers for weed.

To the uninitiated, joint papers and cigarette rolling papers may seem like two different products. However, they are synonymous in the smoking industry. In fact, many top brands of rolling papers advertise their products as cigarette papers. This is because they were originally invented and used as cigarette papers long before they became a staple in the cannabis world. Follow along as we embark on a captivating journey through the world of rolling papers and explore our excellent collection of wholesale rolling papers that you can get for your dispensary.

What are Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are small, thin sheets used for rolling tobacco or other substances, such as cannabis, into a self-made cigarette or joint. Their use provides a certain level of control to the smoker in terms of the amount of substance used, the burning speed, and the size of the rolled product. There are numerous types of cool rolling papers available in our wholesale store. Each one has unique qualities that make them suitable for different types of smokers.

Types of Rolling Papers

Joint rolling papers have come a long way since their inception, branching into various types that cater to diverse user preferences.

1. Wood Pulp Papers: These are the most common and cheapest type of smoking paper. They burn at a moderate speed, making them a good choice for beginners.

2. Rice Papers: Thinner and more delicate than wood pulp papers, rice papers are known for burning slowly and evenly. This type of paper doesn't interfere with the flavor of the tobacco or weed.

3. Hemp Papers: Hemp papers are a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice. They burn slower than wood pulp papers, and unlike rice papers, they add a subtle earthy flavor to the smoke.

4. Flavored Papers: One type of smoking paper that has gained immense popularity is flavored papers. These papers for weed come in numerous flavors, from fruity ones like strawberry and banana to more unique ones like chocolate or mint.

Smoking Paper Sizes

The size of the rolling paper you choose has a direct impact on your smoking experience. It determines the amount of tobacco or weed you can roll and the duration of the smoking session. Here are some standard sizes:

1. Single Wide: These are ideal for short, quick smoking sessions. They're typically about 68-70mm long and 34-36mm wide.

2. 1 1/4 Size: A favorite among many, these papers are longer and wider than single-wide papers, allowing for a longer smoke.

3. 1 1/2 Size: This size allows you to roll even more product, measuring around 76-78mm long and 60-62mm wide.

4. Double Wide:Double wide papers provide a substantial surface for rolling larger cigarettes. However, they might lead to unnecessary paper waste if not filled adequately.

5. King Size: King-size papers are your best bet for long smoking sessions. They're typically around 100-110mm long and 55-60mm wide.

What's more, there are several joint paper brands to consider when looking to buy rolling papers. Each brand offers a unique selling proposition. For instance, some brands prioritize the sustainability of their products, while others focus on providing a wide array of flavors.

For the budget-conscious, you can get plenty of cheap rolling papers in our wholesale store without compromising quality. Some well-known brands you can find at our online store include RAW, Zig-Zag, and Elements.

Which Types Of Joint Papers Are Available?

When it comes to smoking, the importance of the right joint paper cannot be overstated. It's an element that largely shapes the quality of the experience, from the taste and aroma to the duration and smoothness of the smoke. For this reason, our store carries an excellent selection of rolling papers. Each one boasts unique characteristics that cater to different preferences.

You can find everything from eco-friendly smoking paper options to flavored papers for weed. Similarly, our store carries products from some of the top rolling paper brands in the market, ensuring you get the best quality available. Here's a look at some of the excellent products you can get from Smoke Cones.


RAW has undoubtedly established itself as one of the top rolling paper brands worldwide. They are known for their commitment to producing natural, unrefined papers. RAW Black Natural Classic Rolling Papers are a prime example of this, offering a slow, even burn that makes for a highly satisfying smoke.

Similarly, RAW Classic Rolling Papers are another top-tier product from this brand. They're made from less processed paper, resulting in a smooth smoke with minimal ash residue. For those who prefer a slimmer roll, RAW King Size Slim Classic Rolling Papers are an excellent choice. They deliver the signature quality of RAW in a sleek, elegant format.


Notably, Futurola has made waves in the industry with its Tyson Ranch 2.0 King Size Rolling Papers. The product of a partnership with legendary boxer Mike Tyson's cannabis company, these papers promise a premium smoking experience that does not compromise quality.


Elements has carved out a niche for itself with its distinctive rice papers. The Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers are remarkably thin, burning with almost no ash. For those who favor natural and chemical-free smoke, the Elements 300's Rolling Papers are worth checking out. These rolling papers are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, providing a clean and natural experience.

Juicy Jay's Flavored Rolling Papers

If you're looking for a more vibrant and adventurous smoking session, look no further than Juicy Jay's flavored hemp rolling papers. Our store carries Blueberry Flavored Hemp Rolling Papers, which can infuse any smoking session with a burst of fruity freshness. Similarly, you can find Juicy Jay's Peaches And Cream Flavored Hemp Rolling Papers that add a creamy and smooth finish to the smoke, offering a unique taste experience.

Zig-Zag Hemp Papers

Zig Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are another notable brand available at our online store. These papers are made from unbleached hemp, delivering a natural taste that lets you enjoy the authentic flavor of your smoke.

Smoking Paper Vs Pre-Rolled Cones

Although rolling papers have long been the go-to option for creating joints and cigarettes, pre-rolled cones are quickly gaining popularity within the industry. Essentially, pre-rolled cones are empty joints that require filling but no rolling. Consequently, they are popular among new smokers and small cannabis brands that want to expedite their production. Hence, acquiring wholesale cones for joints from our store will help attract new clientele and improve your dispensary's sales.

Joint papers are thin sheets made from various materials, such as wood pulp, hemp, rice, or flax, used for rolling and smoking herbs. On the other hand, pre-rolled paper cones are joint papers that have been pre-shaped into cones, ready to be filled with dry herbs. These pre-rolled cones eliminate the task of rolling and provide a consistent, enjoyable smoking session.

Skill Requirement

The primary difference between smoking paper and pre-rolled cones is the level of skill required. Rolling a cigarette or joint with a smoking paper can be tricky for beginners. It requires dexterity and practice to get the perfect roll. However, for many enthusiasts, this rolling process is part of the ritual and enhances the smoking experience. In contrast, pre-rolled cones remove the need for any skill. All you need to do is fill the cone with your desired substance, and you're ready to go.


When buying large quantities, rolling papers in bulk can be very cost-effective compared to pre-rolled cones. However, if the cost isn't a significant factor and convenience is more important, pre-rolled cones would be more suitable.


Choosing between smoking papers and pre-rolled cones may also hinge on your flavor preference. Some papers are flavorless, while others may carry a subtle flavor from their material, such as a slight sweetness from rice paper. In contrast, pre-rolled cones, particularly hemp cones, have a more noticeable flavor that can complement or enhance the substance being smoked.

Where To Get Joint and Cigarette Papers Wholesale

The quest for exceptional value often has people wondering where to purchase wholesale rolling papers. Fortunately, our store carries an excellent lineup of rolling papers that are sure to please your clients. Regardless of the kind of joint papers or cigarette rolling papers you're looking for, our store has got you covered. Moreover, there are several other perks you get from acquiring your smoke shop supplies from Smoke Cones.

Price Beat Guarantee

Smoke Cones offers a Price Beat Guarantee that is truly second to none. This guarantee ensures customers get the best possible price for joint and cigarette papers. If you find the same product at a lower price elsewhere, Smoke Cones will not just match it, we'll beat it! This level of commitment to providing unbeatable prices is what sets us apart from the competition.

Live Support

Smoke Cones also differentiates itself through its robust Live Support feature. Our dedicated support staff is readily available to guide you through the purchasing process, answer any questions, or address any concerns.

Variety of Other Products

Smoke Cones is not just a haven for those seeking rolling papers in bulk. We also offer an extensive range of related products, including a fantastic selection of wholesale blunt wraps, pre-rolled cones, smoking pipes, lighters, and more. This wide array of items caters to every smoke shop's needs and preferences, regardless of how specific they might be. Consequently, our store is a one-stop shop for all your smoke shop needs.

Bottom Line

Joint and cigarette papers have been a staple of the smoking industry since time immemorial. The variety of rolling papers available today is truly remarkable, providing both consumers and businesses with numerous options. From the classic, natural essence of RAW to the innovative, vibrant flavors of Juicy Jay's, and the convenient pre-rolled cones, there's a brand to satisfy everyone's preference. Whether you're looking for wholesale joint or cigarette papers for your smoke shop, one thing is for sure- you can't go wrong when you acquire your supply from our collection.

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