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Pre-Roll Shrink Wrap

A tamper evident pre-roll shrink wrap is the easiest way to keep products safe and fresh while adhering to state-wide compliance regulations.

Shrink bands are one of the most common ways to keep products safe. You've likely seen them used to secure the lids of mouthwash, alcohol bottles, over-the-counter medicine, and now, packaged spliffs. Pre roll tube tamper evident bands squeeze are a must-have among pre-roll packaging products. Since many states require tamper-evident packaging, joint tube shrink bands are the easiest solution to remain compliant.

A pre-roll shrink band is no different than a shrink wrap made for pill bottles or alcohol bottles. The purpose of shrinks bands is to ensure customers that whatever they're purchasing has not been meddled with before consumption. Because legalization opened the gates for rigid testing, a pre-roll shrink wrap symbolizes a stamp that it's 100% safe and approved by state standards.

Pre roll shrink bands are an essential bulk purchase for any dispensary or cannabis producer. They also ensure pre-rolled cones stuffed with herbs have extra protection to prevent joints from drying out or facing significant moisture exposure.

Smoke Cones has everything you need for pre-roll packaging, including pre-roll tube shrink bands. As pre-rolls surge at dispensaries, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies to keep up with the demand, including heat guns and different variations of the pre-roll machine.

What are Joint Tube Shrink Bands?

Pre roll tube tamper evident bands are a piece of polymer plastic film heated to seal onto the tube's lid. Shrink bands have been commonly found and used outside the cannabis industry for years. Medical companies, alcohol brands, and other businesses have secured their products with shrink wraps to ensure they are tamper evident and secure. A pre-roll shrink wrap is one of the most trusted methods of keeping products secure.

As mentioned previously, pre-roll joints are highly sought after, meaning that dispensaries, head shops, and other cannabis-related stores are looking for pre-roll tubes in bulk. With that in mind, there's also the need to keep a high number of joint tube shrink bands on hand to stay within compliance with regulations.

Smoke Cones has the best options for pre-roll shrink bands and other shrink wraps for bottles and jars. Businesses that require pre-roll tube shrink bands can find them at the best prices with same-day shipping to ensure they get to you.

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