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Rolling joints is so passé. Smokers can bypass the entire rolling process with Zig Zag cones and get straight to toking up.

Zig-Zag papers remain the most iconic brand of rolling papers available on the market. While there's an array of brands that smokers have gravitated to, Zig Zag joint papers have built trust among smokers. The iconic white papers are synonymous with the cannabis industry, even if they did emerge with tobacco products. However, the industry's changed, and the more accessible marijuana became, the more that smokers sought after convenience. Fortunately, the rise of Zig Zag cones has resolved the issue of having to roll. It's an OG art form that very few have mastered, and even less seem interested in learning. With Zig Zag blunt cones and pre-roll joints, smokers don't need to concern themselves with having to twist up. Instead, smokers need to grind their herbs and pack in the Zig Zag hemp cones.

The rise in Zig Zag rolling papers pre-rolls comes as more and more dispensaries and cannabis operators offer pre-roll joints. Not everyone is looking to purchase flower because of the daunting task of rolling up. Zig Zag ultra thin cones make for a perfect joint that burns slowly and evenly. Cannabis retailers are witnessing their popularity in real-time, as more and more customers seek pre-roll joints in demand compared to other products. Zig Zag papers are practically a necessity for every dispensary at this point,

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What is Zig-Zag?

Zig Zag rolling papers is one of the leading brands in cannabis smoking accessories available everywhere globally. Initially created for smoking tobacco, Zig Zag's papers have a legacy dating back 140 years. Two French brothers, Maurice and Jacques Braunstein, built the Papeterie de Gassicourt, which later became a manufacturing plant for Zig Zag rolling papers. It took a while, but by 1906, their cigarette papers trademarked Zig Zag as their brand name, an homage to their groundbreaking interleaving process.

The rolling papers Zig Zag makes are one of the most trusted brands for cannabis smokers over time, even becoming immortalized in pop culture through Dr. Dre's recreation of the Zig Zag Man on The Chronic album cover. The original Zig Zag papers are made of natural flax plant fibers and 100% natural gum arabic. However, their popularity has led to different variations. Those who aren't fans of the white papers will likely appreciate Zig Zag hemp cones. 100% pure hemp fibers are the foundation of these magnificent Zig Zag joint papers.

Zig Zag cones have reflected the array of different products the brand has introduced. Some have found that the bleached papers have been harsh. So, organic Zig Zag cones and unbleached Zig Zag blunt cones became popular substitutes. Dispensaries and cannabis operators have frequently used Zig Zag hemp cones for their in-house pre-rolls.

No matter the preference, Zig Zag has proven over the years that they are masters of the rolling paper.

What Zig-Zag Cones & Papers are Available?

White 1 ¼ Zig Zag rolling papers became a standard in cannabis, but they've reinvented the brand with various new products over time. Zig Zag joint papers responded to demands for organic papers and larger sizes, and that's an evident reflection of their joint cones collection.

White Zig Zag blunt cones with the classic burn are among the most popular on the market. They're a safe, common choice that comes in handy whenever needed. They are available in the usual single wide size, but they also have Zig Zag king cones that can stuff upwards of a whole gram, if not more.

The type of blunt cones Zig Zag makes are just as vast as their collection of rolling papers. Below, we've shared some details on a few of the most popular Zig Zag cones and papers in the collection.

Original White

The original version of the iconic Zig Zag papers is widely available at gas stations, smoke shops, and anywhere that sells cigarettes. Made with 100% natural plant fibers, these are also available as Zig Zag cones in king size.

Original Hemp

Zig Zag's line of hemp products will undoubtedly do the trick for a more organic smoke. Zig Zag hemp papers and cones are among the most popular products, especially since they're unbleached. Zig Zag hemp cones are also a fantastic choice for pre-roll joints.


One of the most popular choices for Zig Zag cones is their unbleached selection. These Zig Zag blunt cones are made of 100% natural materials without any chemicals or processing. The unbleached Zig Zag rolling papers and cones are available in 1 ¼, 98's, and king size.


Zig Zag ultra thin cones are a must-have for anyone seeking more flavors from their flower and an incredible slow-burn. They're practically transparent, made with unbleached natural fibers that provide a tan color.

How to Use Zig-Zag Cones

Unlike loose papers, Zig Zag blunt cones are one of the easiest ways to smoke weed. Instead of going through to grind up your flower and roll it up, Zig Zag cones allow you to skip the process and get straight to smoking. Grind up the cannabis and stuff it into single wide or Zig Zag king size cones. Zig Zag blunt cones already have a filter inside them, so once you get all of your herbs into your joint, you can get to smoking.

The pre-rolled Zig Zag papers are perfectly paired with a cone filling machine that could do the work for you. The pre-fill devices are becoming incredibly popular for businesses selling in-house joints. Many dispensaries use Zig Zag unbleached cones as they provide an organic smoke with slight flavors from the papers.

Ultimately, Zig Zag papers will always be associated with the cannabis industry, but the rise in Zig Zag blunt cones provides an excellent opportunity to bypass the rolling process.

Where to Buy Wholesale Zig-Zag Cones

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Smoke Cones' selections of Zig Zag papers for sale are vast that aren't limited to mass distributions. We have boxes of 100 Zig Zag cones that are perfect for personal use. However, we also have boxes of 800-900 that are perfect for stores. Whether you're looking for Zig Zag ultra thin king size papers or 1 ¼ unbleached cones, there's no limitation of options when you're looking for Zig Zag brand products.

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