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Element Papers

Rolling up with Elements papers is how you can keep your smoke clean and organic every single time.

Zig-Zags and RAW have become the most notable brands in the cannabis industry but Elements rolling papers come at a close second. With inspiration from ancient Greece's understanding of the four elements of matter -- water, fire, earth, and wind -- Elements papers strive towards an entirely organic experience. These are one of the most recognizable rice rolling papers available today, and stocked on every smoke shop shelf. Don't get it twisted, though. Other papers might use hemp or plant fibers, but the rice fibers used for Elements rolling papers are why these are top-of-the-line. Another reason why consumers prefer these papers is that they are made with sustainable energy.

Elements rice paper rolling papers are perfect for a smooth, slow burn with every toke. However, these rice rolling papers stand out beyond their impeccable burn. They barely produce ash, whether a hand-rolled joint or stuffed Element cones is being smoked. Anytime you roll up with these rice rolling papers, there's no canoeing or uneven burns: just a perfect joint that you can enjoy without the concern of ash falling on your clothes.

Smoke Cones is your #1 supplier for all your rolling paper needs, whether that be hemp fibers like RAW joint cones or rice paper cones from Elements. We are the leading online store to get all joint packaging and accessories, including joint tubes.

What is Elements?

Elements rice papers are one of the most unique and best-burning brands for cannabis consumption. Rather than using tree or hemp fibers, these Elements rice paper are an all-natural alternative to the average papers available on the market these days. Due to the rise of pre-rolled joints, they've unveiled a line-up of Elements rice cones that provide the same smooth smoke without the hassle of hand rolling.

Elements rice paper remain a staple in all cannabis-adjacent stores, even if they haven't cemented themselves in pop culture like Zig-Zag has – yet. However, they've developed a strong, dedicated following of smokers who are always looking to roll up with rice rolling papers.

A few critical aspects of Elements papers have separated them from the pack. For one, they are incredibly thin. Elements created their collection of papers to burn ultra-slow. The rice rolling paper brand created the incredibly fine rice paper material to produce minimal ash. Whether you're rolling up these babies or stuffing rice paper cones with your favorite strain, the smoking experience with Elements papers is unlike any other brand available.

The inspiration behind the brand's name comes from ancient Greece's understanding of the four elements of matter. The watermarks that allow for an even burn represent water. Element cones need fire to burn. The natural fibers used for these papers and the raw sugar gum caramelize as the joint burns. The manufacturing of Elements rolling papers are powered by wind, making them an environmentally-friendly business.

What Types of Elements Papers & Cones are Available?

Smoke shops requiring Element cones and papers should look no further than Smoke Cones to find all their needs.

No matter what size of paper you're looking for from Elements rolling papers, they cater to everyone's preference. Elements papers are also available in pre-roll cones for cannabis operators seeking a trusted brand for their pre-roll. Not to mention, Element cones are infinitely easier to roll with than with a single loose paper. These rice cones are just as good to buy in bulk as they are for recreational use.

Element Papers

These rice paper rolling papers are available in two different sizes: 1 ¼ and King size dimensions. Each box of Element rice paper rolling papers is perfect for retail display with 180 units each. These are the best options for both dispensaries and smoke shops looking to expand beyond the usual brands and add rice rolling papers to their inventory.

Elements Pre Rolled Cones

Element cones are integral for dispensaries looking to put their in-house pre-roll machine to use and cannabis brands launching their lines of pre packaged joints. These rice paper cones are available in two sizes: 1 ¼ and King size dimensions. Made with the same fine Elements papers, all it takes is simply stuffing your green in the cone and lighting up. It's just that easy with these rice cones. They include specifically designed Element filters.

Where to Buy Elements Rice Paper Cones

Whether you're looking for pre-roll packaging or pre-rolled cones, Smoke Cones is the one-stop shop for all of your pre-roll supplies. We boast an incredible collection of different rolling papers and smoking supplies, including Elements rolling papers.

Elements joints are slow-burning and produce very little ash every time. They are a unique paper that utilizes rice rather than hemp or other plant fibers. Smoke Cones boasts both 1 ¼ and King size Element pre-roll cones in boxes of 800. We also carry packs of 40, which are limited to king-size joints. These are perfect options for customers looking to pack their joints.

Smoke Cones has all of your needs covered for any business looking for Element papers. We prioritize customer service, beginning from the moment you place your order. Our live chat feature via phone, email or live chat will promptly answer all of your questions. Secondly, we have a price-beat guarantee to ensure that all products purchased are at the best prices. With our same-day shipping feature, you'll swiftly receive all of your products. You can’t go wrong when you order from us!

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