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98 Special Cones

If your business produces and manufacturers pre-rolled cones, 98 Special cones are a must-have. The classic-sized 1 gram pre-roll is a massive hit with customers to expand your customer loyalty.

Smoke Cones is a trusted online supplier for all of your cone needs. We love everything cones, including the one gram pre-roll. Keep reading to discover all the info you need about 98 Specials that is sure to convince you they are the right size for your business!

What are 98 Special Cones?

98 Special Cones are one of the three crown jewels in the pre-rolled cone world. Along with 1 1/4 size cones and the king-size cone, 98 Special cones are staples every pre-roll producer should use. Also referred to as a 1 gram pre-roll, 98 joint cones are 98mm in length (3.75 inches). Like any cone, 98 Special cones start with a wide end that tapers down toward the filter. They typically have a 21mm tip (¾ inch). The 1 gram pre-roll tip is smaller than the 1 ¼ and King Size cones.

Brands that Offer 98 Special Cones

Finding the right brands that fit your business is essential. Luckily, Smoke Cones offers all the best 98mm pre-rolled cones brands!

  • RAW 98 Special Cones: Everyone knows and loves RAW. This brand might just be the most famous paper company, and for a good reason! These pre-rolled cones are all-natural and vegan. Not only that, but the smooth burn is irresistible. We offer bulk RAW boxes in 1400/box that are perfect for mass filling. Smoke Cones also sells 12 packs in a display carton that easily fits on smoke shop shelves.
  • Futurola 98 Special Cones: Futurola is a one-of-a-kind company that is the perfect brand to buy all your production and manufacturing needs. The Futurola 1 gram pre-roll comes in bulk boxes of 700 and 800. These boxes are perfect for loading cones into the trusted Futurola cone filler to keep up with demand! We provide Futurola 98 Special cones in dutch brown and classic white with 30mm filter tips and Futurola slim size with 26mm filter tips.
  • Cones + Supply 98 Special Cones: Cones + Supply pre-rolled cones are organic and unbleached. These ultra-thin papers ensure that the taste of cannabis is the only flavor customers will enjoy when puffing away! At Smoke Cones, we offer these classic luxe 98 Special cones in 800/box.

Your business can’t go wrong with producing pre-roll cones with any of these three brands, which is why we are proud to offer them all!

How Much Can 98 Special Pre-Roll Cones Fit?

Like their nickname would suggest, your business can fill a 98 Special cone with up to 1 gram of weed. A gram pre-roll is easy to advertise since every toker is familiar with this standard measurement. One gram of weed can satisfy individual customers and those who love to share their 1 gram pre-roll, so your customer base is completely covered!

1 gram cones don’t have to exactly hold their namesake, however. If your company twists the ends of your 98 Specials, any measurements of 0.65 to 0.8 grams will get the job done. The amount your business can fill a 1 g pre-roll depends on the grain of your ground bud and the look you are going for. This is what makes your pre-rolls unique and shine!

Where to Buy Wholesale 98 Size Cones

There is no better business move than buying wholesale from us. Smoke Cones offers all our 98 Special cones at wholesale value. Since you are ordering in bulk, your company gets the best bang for your buck! The wholesale value keeps your ordering costs low, so you can use that saved money towards other things that make your business grow. You can also sell your incredible pre-rolls to dispensaries and customers at a rate that will beat your competitors.

98 Special Cones at Smoke Cones

Offering products like the one gram pre-roll is why we got into the cone business. At Smoke Cones, anytime you order 98 Specials you can rest easy knowing you get the best rates and service. Our price beat guarantee promises that if you can find any of our products for a better rate, we will automatically beat it. We also offer live service through webchat, email, and phone so that you will have us with you every step of the way. Smoke Cones is here to provide you with the best products and services around.

While ordering your 1 gram pre-roll boxes from us, check out our pre-roll packaging! Your quality pre-rolls deserve quality packaging, and we offer the best pre-roll tubes out there. Smoke Cones is your one-stop-shop for all your cone needs.

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