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Crop Kingz

If you’re looking for the best self-sealing wraps, look no further than what Crop Kingz offers.

When cannabis smokers are seeking more efficient, healthier methods of consuming cannabis, brands like Crop Kingz are leading the pack with premium hemp papers and wraps. Plenty of smokers appreciate the pull of a blunt but have frequently feared the health issues related to tobacco. Crop Kingz introduced their 100% organic blunt wraps lineup and it was only inevitable that smokers would flock to the product.

Crop Kingz wraps are an impeccable choice for dedicated blunt smokers seeking a solution to rid tobacco from their habits. Made with 100% hemp in the United States, they are one of the best pre-rolled cones options for blunt smokers. However, they aren’t just limited to pre-rolled cones perfect for packing with grass. They also have Crop Kingz organic wraps as easy to roll as a joint. Considered “self-rolling wraps,” Crop Kingz hemp wraps are an addition that every smoke shop and dispensary should have on their shelves.

After making a dent in the cannabis industry, plenty of smokers is adamantly seeking to test out the beauty of Crop Kingz. Smoke Cones is an online leader for all 420-related accessories and packaging needs, including Crop Kingz hemp wraps.

What is Crop Kingz?

Crop Kingz is one of the best products for smokers who love the feel of blunts and want to keep the smoking experience completely organic. They offer 100% organic blunts made from hemp grown in the United States, making it the first of its kind.

Crop Kingz organic wraps are unique in their ways. For one, they’re the clean solution to a tobacco-free smoke. Blunt enthusiasts can hardly feel the difference between Crop Kingz wraps and their favorite tobacco-based blunt papers. Secondly, Crop Kingz hemp wraps are hygienic, which is especially necessary in the post-pandemic world. Instead of licking the edges to seal the blunt, Crop Kingz hemp wraps use peel and seal technology that requires no saliva or water. Whether you operate a cannabis business that sells pre-rolled joints or an average smoker that wants to switch up their smoking patterns, Crop Kingz is the ultimate rolling solution right now.

Smoke Cones boasts a solid collection of Crop Kingz wraps, specifically for cannabis operators. Our bulk selection of Crop Kingz organic wraps includes boxes of 400 of either 84mm or 109mm. On top of that, Smoke Cones also boasts a wide selection of pre-roll tubes to carry joints of any size.

Where to Buy Crop Kingz Cones & Wraps

Smoke Cones has everything a dispensary or smoke shop needs to provide customers with options. We are a key online store for all things 420 related. That could be mylar bags with child-resistant closures, pre-roll cones or even pre-roll joint packaging. We carry Crop Kingz wraps in both 84mm and 109mm sizes for shops looking to keep more organic options on their shelves.

For any business seeking Crop Kingz wraps, Smoke Cones will ensure that your business has everything you need. This process starts with customer service. Our live chat support via email, phone, or online chat is always here to provide updates or answer any lingering questions. Secondly, we offer a price-beat guarantee. This term means we will have all products at the most affordable prices possible. Finally, we provide same-day shipping. So, if you’re business is looking to purchase anything from bulk Crop Kingz wraps or even a pre-roll machine, Smoke Cones will make sure it’s out of the door immediately and brought to your store.

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