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RAW Classic Cones 1 1-4 Size Pre-Rolls 1000/Box - 1RAW Classic Cones 1 1-4 Size Pre-Rolls 1000/Box - 2
RAW Black 1 1-4 Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones 900/Box - 1RAW Black 1 1-4 Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones 900/Box - 2
RAW 98mm Special Unbleached Pre Rolled Paper Cones 1400/Box - 1
RAW 70mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones (30mm Filter) 960/Box - 1RAW 70mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones (30mm Filter) 960/Box - 2
RAW 70mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones (45mm Filter) 720/Box - 1RAW 70mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones (45mm Filter) 720/Box - 2
RAW 109mm Lean Pre-Rolled Cones 12 Pack Display Case (20 Cones/Pack) - 1RAW 109mm Lean Pre-Rolled Cones 12 Pack Display Case (20 Cones/Pack) - 2
RAW Organic HMP Paper King Size Pre-Rolled Cones 32/Pack - 1
RAW Black King Size 109mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones 1400/Box - 1RAW Black King Size 109mm Pre Rolled Paper Cones 1400/Box - 2
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RAW 5 Stage Rawket Cones Variety Pack (15/Box) - 1RAW 5 Stage Rawket Cones Variety Pack (15/Box) - 2
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RAW Supernatural 280mm Pre-Rolled Cones 15 Pack Display Case - 1RAW Supernatural 280mm Pre-Rolled Cones 15 Pack Display Case - 2
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RAW King Size 109mm Unbleached Pre Rolled Paper Cones 1400/Box - 1
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RAW 70mm Pre Rolled Cones 12 Pack Display Case (20 Cones Per Pack) - 1RAW 70mm Pre Rolled Cones 12 Pack Display Case (20 Cones Per Pack) - 2
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RAW 1 1-4 Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones 900/Box - 1RAW 1 1-4 Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones 900/Box - 2
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RAW 20 Stage Rawket Cones Variety Pack (8/Box) - 1RAW 20 Stage Rawket Cones Variety Pack (8/Box) - 2
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RAW Wiz Khalifa Supernatural 280mm Pre-Rolled Cones 15 Pack Display Case - 1RAW Wiz Khalifa Supernatural 280mm Pre-Rolled Cones 15 Pack Display Case - 2
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RAW 98mm Pre-Rolled Cones 12 Pack Display Case (20 Cones/Pack) - 1RAW 98mm Pre-Rolled Cones 12 Pack Display Case (20 Cones/Pack) - 2
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RAW 1 1-4 Size Pre-Rolled Cones 12 Pack Display Case (32 Cones/Pack) - 1
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RAW 1 1-4 Size Pre-Rolled Cones 32/Pack - 1
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RAW Organic HMP Paper 1 1-4 Size Pre-Rolled Cones 32/Pack - 1

RAW Cones

RAW cones have become a staple among cannabis consumers and manufacturers alike. These pre-rolled cones are crafted from the same pure and natural RAW rolling papers that marijuana connoisseurs have highly appreciated.

RAW paper cones are made of hemp fibers and hemp-based gum, making them some of the most natural rolling cones in the industry. Moreover, they have a blend of unbleached fibers. Therefore, unlike other brands that use chlorine to whiten their rolling papers, RAW pre-rolled cones are pure and uncontaminated.

Furthermore, using natural ingredients to create RAW rolling cones leaves them with a stunning translucent finish that allows you to see the herbs. Also, each rolling paper cone has RAW's patented crisscross watermark that prevents runs and facilitates an even burn.

The quality of RAW cones rolling papers is truly unmatched. There are also various types of RAW cones, each with a unique attribute that caters to the different needs of customers. Thus, having them as your go-to choice for packing your flowers can do wonders for your cannabis production.

Don't know where to start when purchasing RAW pre-roll cones bulk? Here's everything you need to understand to get started.

What are RAW Cones?

Pre-rolled cones are cannabis rolling papers that have already been rolled. Therefore, RAW cones are pre-rolled cones made by RAW: a top-tier rolling paper brand many cannabis connoisseurs consider the best.

Only one word can genuinely define RAW pre-roll cones - natural. You can count on a RAW pre-roll to provide a pure and superior smoking experience due to the lack of artificial materials. Therefore, these essential Pre-Roll Supplies are free of the nasty after-taste typical with bleached rolling papers.

It's easy to see why most weed consumers prefer RAW cone papers. The aesthetics and practicality of RAW cone papers are what many cannabis consumers are drawn to. For this reason, investing in these rolling paper cones can immensely benefit your pre-roll production and overall sales.

What's more, RAW classic pre-rolled cones come in various sizes and variations. This diversity will help you cater to the different needs of your clients. It will also provide a sense of variety, which will help broaden your customer base.

It's also worth mentioning that many cannabis consumers still prefer pre-rolls, despite the emergence of novel ways to consume the substance. According to Ganjapreneur, nearly 500 million pre-rolls were sold in 2018. Since RAW pre-rolled cones are an industry favorite, obtaining them in bulk will help you stay in business as the budding market blossoms.

What Types of RAW Cones are Available?

Essentially, there are three main types of RAW rolling cones available. These are organic RAW hemp cones, Black RAW cones, and RAW classic pre-rolled cones.

Types of RAW Cones Available at Smoke Cones

Although they all have similar raw materials, each has a slight variation that enables them to provide different smoking experiences. Here are the differences between these RAW cones rolling papers to help you determine which ones can best suit your business.

Classic RAW Cones

RAW classic cones are the pioneers of all RAW pre-rolled cones. These joint cones are made from natural unbleached plant fibers. These RAW rolling papers are what put the brand on the map. Therefore, these trusty RAW rolling cones are a worthy investment.

Organic Hemp Cones

RAW organic hemp cones are the true definition of natural. These organic RAW cones are masterfully fabricated from pure hemp and are free of added dyes or chalk. The RAW papers used on these cones go through a unique water purification method that helps maintain the natural qualities of hemp.

The hemp RAW organic cones are packed with natural paper straws instead of the plastic straws that come with other cones. Acquiring these RAW cones wholesale will help you attract purists and other environmentally conscious clients.

Black RAW Pre-Rolled Cones

RAW black pre-rolled cones are created to provide the slowest burn possible. These RAW rolling cones are pressed extra-fine to be as thin as possible. This enables them to burn significantly slower than other rolling papers in the market.

What's more, the thin profile of these RAW cones makes the flower you pack in them slightly visible. This aesthetic feature, combined with the cone's superior smoking experience, makes them a must-have for pre-roll producers.

What RAW Cone Sizes Are Available?

There are several different-sized RAW paper cones available at our store. Therefore, apart from picking out the most appropriate RAW pre-roll joint cone type, manufacturers must also discern which size best suits their operation.

Of course, there's a lot to consider when choosing an appropriate RAW pre-roll size, especially when acquiring RAW cones bulk. Still, this mostly boils down to the preferences of your customers. If you're using a pre-roll machine, as most large-scale producers do, it would also be wise to consider which sized cones your device can accommodate.

RAW 1 1/4 Cones

The 1 1/4 cones are the most prevalent of all RAW pre-rolled cone sizes. These revolutionary pre-rolled cones are 84 millimeters long and have a 26-millimeter tip. They can hold up to 0.75 grams of flower. This size is perfect for new tokers and popular among average weed consumers.

You can find all the three types of 1 1/4 RAW pre-rolled cones at our store in various packages ranging from 32 cones per pack to 1000 cones per box.

RAW King Size Cones

The RAW king size cones are also popular selections among pre-roll producers and consumers alike. They are 109 by 26 millimeters long and can hold as much as 1.15 grams of cannabis flower.

You can find RAW Black king size cones and RAW Classic king size cone at our store. They come in 1400 capacity bulk cartons and include a filling device. This makes them perfect for cannabis joint manufacturers that wish to acquire RAW cones bulk orders.

RAW 98 Special Cones

As the name suggests, the 98 Special RAW pre-roll cannabis cone is rare and unique. These 98 special cones are 98 millimeters long and have a tip length of 21 millimeters. These RAW rolling cones can carry up to 0.95 grams. Therefore, they're the perfect in-between for the 1 1/4 and king sized cones.

Our store carries these RAW pre-rolled cones in packs of 20. You can also get a display case that has 12 of these packs.

RAW Lean Cones

RAW lean cones are yet another set of unique RAW cones you can find at our store. They are 109 by 40 millimeters long and can carry as much as 0.75 grams of weed.

RAW Supernatural Cones

The RAW Supernatural Cones live up to their name, with a maximum capacity of 10 grams, a length of 280 millimeters, and a tip size of 88 millimeters. Compared to other RAW pre-rolled cone sizes, these cones are definitely out of the natural.

Our store offers the special edition Wiz Khalifa RAW pre-rolled cones that can excite your more youthful clients and the trusty RAW Classic cones.

Other RAW Cone Sizes

That's not all. Our store also has countless more RAW cones rolling papers that can benefit your business. You can get RAW 70 by 30-millimeter cones and 70 by 45-millimeter cones, adding diversity to your products.

Moreover, there are plenty of RAWket variety packs that come with several assorted cones.

How to Use RAW Cones

RAW joint cones are relatively easy to use. You don't even have to roll them to create sturdy joints. That's right! There is no rolling involved when producing joints using a RAW pre-roll cone.

All you need to do to produce great joints using RAW cones is pack your herb into the cones. It's that simple. Here's how to go about it.

What you need:

  • Marijuana buds
  • A grinder
  • RAW pre-rolled cones
  • A packing tool
  • A lighter

Grind Your Weed

The first step when a RAW cone joint is grinding your weed to a desirable consistency. Doing this helps pack the cannabis more snugly into the pre-rolled cones.

Fill Your Pre-Rolled Cone

Once you have evenly broken down your weed, fill your pre-rolled cone with a pinch of the cannabis.

Pack Your Weed

To ensure you get a sturdy joint, use a packing tool such as a straw to push down the cannabis. However, make sure you don't overdo it to allow enough space for airflow.

Repeat The Process

Repeat the filling and packing process until your pre-rolled cone is almost filled up. Don't forget to leave some space on top to secure it.

Secure The Top

Once you've filled up your joint, secure it by twisting the top end until it resembles a candlewick.

Light Up and Enjoy

Your joint is now complete; thus, you can proceed to light it up and enjoy.

Where to Buy RAW Cones Wholesale

Smoke Cones is the go-to place for all your RAW pre-rolled cones wholesale and pre-roll packaging needs. Although the popularity of the RAW brand has made its products accessible in numerous areas, you don't want to compromise when making such an investment.

Unlike other establishments, our store offers 100 percent authentic bulk RAW cones. This is especially vital when acquiring various-sized RAW pre-rolled papers. Going for anything other than the original would be risking your brand's image.

What's more, our store offers plenty of perks for people who purchase RAW cones in bulk. Find out how your company can benefit when buying RAW cones for sale from us.

Lowest Prices In The Market

Running a legal cannabis business is no easy feat. Apart from licenses, plenty of other factors can drain your finances quickly, one of which is getting RAW cones wholesale.

For this reason, we've set reasonable prices for our RAW cones bulk orders. This will help you save on operational costs and provide you with a competitive edge.

Authentic Products

We only provide clients with authentic items. Given how the market is flooded with bootleg products, you should source a suitable RAW pre-rolled cone from a trustworthy wholesaler such as our store.

Live Support

Since there are plenty of RAW cones in the market, finding the one you want can be a hassle. Still, our store offers live support through a live chat feature. Hence, you can get assistance and find the RAW pre-roll cones bulk you need with ease.

RAW Cones: The Bottom Line

RAW cones are arguably the best pre-rolled cones in the market. They offer plenty of advantages over other products and continue to lead as the number one rolling paper brand. For this reason, your business can benefit immensely from acquiring RAW cones wholesale.

Still, it's crucial to source RAW cones bulk from a reputable store to ensure you get your money's worth. Smoke Cones is among the top places to get RAW pre-roll and Joint Packaging essentials like joint tubes. For this reason, our store is your one-stop shop for all your RAW cones and Pre-Roll Packaging requirements.

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