This page serves to provide documentation and a quick reference resource for all certifications or claims made about our products. 1. Child Safe Containers What does it mean to be Child Safe? A child safe, or child resistant, container is a container certified by specialized regulatory organizations to be challenging for children to open. One example would be the push and turn vials or pill containers from pharmacies.

Why should you want child safe containers?

Child Safe containers are important to prevent harmful exposure of chemicals and medicine to children. Certain industries require that products be packaged in child resistant packaging.

Why is certification important?

Certification ensures that a business is telling the truth. Sadly, there are companies that sell products advertised as child safe, yet never take the time to test their claims. These businesses are willing to risk the dangers of children being exposed to harmful substances. It is important to ask businesses to provide certification for whatever claims they make about their products.


Microvials Squeezetops Child Resistant CertificationSqueezetops® Microvials Child Resistant Certification