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Handmade 109mm King Size Organic Paper Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones 2/BoxHandmade 109mm King Size Organic Paper Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones 2/Box
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Handmade 109mm King Size Organic Paper Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones 24/Box - 1Handmade 109mm King Size Organic Paper Rose Petal Pre Rolled Cones 24/Box - 2
King Palm Berry Terps Flavored Mini Rolls 2 Packs 20/Box - 1King Palm Berry Terps Flavored Mini Rolls 2 Packs 20/Box - 2
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RAW Supernatural 280mm Pre-Rolled Cones 15 Pack Display Case - 1RAW Supernatural 280mm Pre-Rolled Cones 15 Pack Display Case - 2
King Palm Watermelon Wave Flavored Mini Rolls 2 Packs 20/BoxKing Palm Watermelon Wave Flavored Mini Rolls 2 Packs 20/Box
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Cyclones Natural Flavored Hemp Pre Rolled Cones 24/Box - 1Cyclones Natural Flavored Hemp Pre Rolled Cones 24/Box - 2
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OCB King Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones Display Case - 1OCB King Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones Display Case - 2
RAW 84mm Organic 1 1/4 Sized Pre Rolled Hemp Paper Cones 192/Box - 1RAW 84mm Organic 1 1/4 Sized Pre Rolled Hemp Paper Cones 192/Box - 2
Zig Zag 84mm 1 1/4 Sized Cones Promo Pre Rolled Unbleached Paper Cones 36/Box - 1Zig Zag 84mm 1 1/4 Sized Cones Promo Pre Rolled Unbleached Paper Cones 36/Box - 2
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RAW 180mm Emperador Super Sized Pre Rolled Organic Hemp Paper Cones 24/BoxRAW 180mm Emperador Super Sized Pre Rolled Organic Hemp Paper Cones 24/Box

Joint Cones

Joint cones are one of the most beloved ways to get the high only weed can provide. Unlike straight joints, cones narrow from tip to tip. The joint paper offers a fantastic high that will have customers come back and back to your head shop.

Smoking cones continue to flourish in popularity, and we believe no smoke shop is complete without offering a variety of cones. As our name might suggest, our online store, Smoke Cones, knows all there is to know about joint cones. We will take you down all the paths you need to know before deciding what cones for smoking are best for your business.

What are Joint Cones

Cones for smoking are rolling papers that have been rolled into a cone shape. The end of the joint paper is wider and tapers down towards the mouthpiece of the joint. This creates the form of a cone, giving rolling paper cones their name.

Pre-Rolled Joint Cones

While you can use any loose sheet of rolling paper to create a cone, the process is often time-consuming and takes a load of practice. Enter pre-rolled rolling paper! Pre-rolled joint papers have been expertly crafted into the perfect cone. They are ready to fill and smoke. We offer many pre-roll joint paper brands and types (more on that soon).

Benefits of Smoking Pre-Roll Joint Cones

There's a reason pre-rolled joint cones are so beloved by customers and smoke shops. Actually, there are several reasons.

  • Cones for smoking have mass appeal. They are perfect for beginners and beloved by the person who's been toking for awhile.
  • Let's be honest; not many people have time to roll a perfect cone. Pre-rolls are just easier. They are more time-efficient and save weed and paper. If you're already high, joint cones come in handy if you're not in the mood to focus on rolling another.
  • The best benefit may be that cones hold more bud than straight joints. You will get a stronger, more potent, and longer-lasting high when you smoke a cone joint.

Joint Cone Brands You'll Love

We offer all of the top brands of joint cones that you know and love. Let's break down all the great brands offering pre-rolled joint paper cones.

  • RAW: RAW rolling papers and cones have instant name recognition. RAW is one of the most recognizable brands in the cannabis industry. The brand lives up to the hype with high-quality RAW cones. RAW cones for smoking are unrefined, vegan, and all-natural. You can achieve a slow and smooth burn without worrying about inhaling harmful chemicals. RAW joint cones are handcrafted to give an amazing cone smoking experience.
  • Elements: Elements smoking cones are a sister brand to RAW. Elements cones are rolled from rice paper; this extremely thin paper allows the taste of the bud to be the first thing that hits you. Like RAW, Elements pre-rolled papers are made with no burning agents or chemicals. A little extra something these rolling papers and cones provide? Only the all-natural gum used to seal the papers burns–the actual paper leaves no ash!
  • Zig-Zag: Another iconic brand added to the list! Zig-Zag has been around for over 140 years and has one of the most well-known logos and papers. Zig-Zag paper is more traditional and thicker than standard paper today. Zig-Zag's smoking cones will give you a nostalgic trip down toker's lane.
  • Futurola: Known for their advanced weed manufacturing and production technology, Futurola's rolling papers and cones stand on their own merit. They produce high-quality cones for smoking rolled out of paper and pre-roll machines. The style you order depends completely on your customer base and taste, but both pre-rolled papers and blunts are sure to fly off the shelves.
  • Cones + Supply: This brand creates pre-rolled joint paper that is all-natural. These cones are super thin, so the flavor of your sticky icky is the main focus. Cones + Supply prides itself on creating cones to help newbie smokers on their first cone journey while also providing quality cone rolling papers seasoned smokers will love.
  • Cannarolla: Cannarolla pre-rolled cones are made from natural and unbleached paper. This provides a toker with a clean, slow-burning cone that will impress. The incredible burn on these Cannarolla smoking cones makes them a fan favorite.
  • Hara Supply: Hara's 100% organic rolling paper cones bring natural to your cones. This Canadian company is growing in popularity in the States due to its high-quality products.
  • Kush: Kush is well-known in the cannabis industry due to its organic hemp wraps. Another reason their joint cones are some of the most rad in the business? Their 100% edible gold hemp cones. These cones turn every head in the room and drip luxury. They are the perfect specialty cones to sell in your smoke shop business.
  • Crop Kingz: Another extraordinarily respected and popular cone brand, Crop Kingz has the smoke shop market in lock – and for a good reason, too. Their bright and eye-catching marketing is only the start. Each hand-rolled joint cone is top of the line in the smoothness of burn and paper quality.

Whew, did we miss any? If we did, you can find a list of all the amazing brands we offer on our Smoke Cones website. We also recommend you check out if brands provide tips that have been rolled into their cones. Many do!

What Types of Joint Paper Cones are Available?

The type of cone rolling papers you choose to offer at your business depends entirely on your customer base and the products you want to offer! We encourage every head shop to sell the following:

1 1/4 Joint Cones

1 1/4 cone joints papers are among the most common sized cones, if not the most used of all cone sizes. They hold around 25% more bud than a straight joint. Tokers love this size because they can enjoy a 1 1/4 cone to themselves and get a lovely high. There is no doubt that 1 1/4 cones will be a huge seller at your business.

At Smoke Cones, we offer 1 1/4 rolling paper cones in boxes of 32, 400, 900, and 1,000. Brands that make these incredible cones include RAW, Elements, and Futurola.

98mm Size Joint Cones

Another standard in cone sizes, the 98mm joint paper is considered a solid mid-size cone option. 98mm can be enjoyed alone or puff-puff-passed among friends. No head shop would be complete without offering this size of joint cones.

98mm cones come in bulk boxes of 20, 700, 800, and 1,400. Smoke Cones sells this size from Cone + Supply, Futurola, and RAW brands.

King Size Cones

The king of the cones, King Size, is typically 109mm in length. Like all widths of the cone tips, it depends on the brand. However, there is no doubt you can fit a hefty amount of bud in these impressive pre-rolled papers. From newbies to experienced cone lovers, everyone is familiar with the name King Size.

King Size comes in the most variety of sizes. Smoke Cones has your business needs covered from single purchase (one per pack) to 30, 400, 800, and 1,400. Your favorite brands like Zig-Zag, RAW, and Kush all sell King Size joint cones.

Hemp Joint Cones

Hemp cones rolling papers are natural, organic, and vegan. They offer customers an overall healthier and more nature-based smoking experience. As customers move towards more natural smoking accessories, pre-rolled cone joint papers will continue to draw in customers. The hemp taste adds an earthy richness that compliments the flavor of all weed strains! Hemp cones are a must for growing your clientele and offering quality products.

Smoke Cones offers hemp cones for smoking in 1 ¼ size and King Size from Kush and Crop Kingz.

How to Smoke Joint Cones

Obviously, the best part about joint cones is when you get to smoke them! These smoking cones are simple to light up, making them the most hassle-free part of your day.

  • After you grind up your strain of choice, load the green goodness into the cone.
  • Once you have packed down just the right amount of weed for you, you can either twist the space in the top of the cone or leave it if packed to the top.
  • Use your favorite lighter or the one you recently borrowed to light the cone. Like a straight joint, make sure the flame reaches all areas of the top of the cone.
  • Take an inhale or two, sit back, relax, and enjoy your cone!

Where to Purchase Wholesale Joint Paper Cones

At Smoke Cones, we offer all of our pre-rolled rolling papers at wholesale prices. Since we offer every brand of joint cones in bulk, your business is getting a large number of cones (as mentioned above) at affordable prices. Wholesale enables you to offer packs or single cones at competitive retail rates. Customers will love your prices, but you will still be able to turn a profit since you are keeping ordering costs down. There is no better way to order bulk than wholesale, and Smoke Cones has got you covered.

Why Buy Joint Cones From Smoke Cones?

We can easily give you three more reasons to use Smoke Cones as your go-to supplier.

  1. Our price beat guarantee assures that you are getting smoking cones at the most affordable rates! If you find a better rate, bring it to us, and we will beat it.
  2. We offer three forms of live support: chat right from our website, emails that are promptly answered, and phone calls with knowledgeable information. We will answer any questions you might have with our fantastic customer service.
  3. We know you work hard for your money, and we don't want you to ever worry about your account's safety. That's why all of the payments we process are secure.

Smoke Cones is the leading cone distributor, and we are all about supporting our customers. Ordering from us is as relaxing as enjoying one of the cones that will be flying off your shelves. Check out our online store to explore all the joint cones we've delved into and see the new products we add constantly.

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