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115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box - 1115mm Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box - 2
120mm Glass Tube With Child Resistant Black Cap 500/Box - 1120mm Glass Tube With Child Resistant Black Cap 500/Box - 2
120mm King Size Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box120mm King Size Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box
120mm King Size Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with Cork Top 640/Box - 1120mm King Size Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes with Cork Top 640/Box - 2
115mm King Size Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box115mm King Size Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box
79mm 18/400 Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box79mm 18/400 Clear Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box
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115mm King Size Opaque Matte Black Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box115mm King Size Opaque Matte Black Glass Pre-Roll Tubes 400/Box

Glass Pre-Roll Tubes

Customers deserve nothing short of the best cannabis and packaging. High-quality glass pre-roll tubes are top-tier containers that allow for the best preservation of flower.

There's an array of options for pre-roll packaging on the market, and each has its benefits for storing cannabis. However, owners must consider certain aspects, like statewide compliant laws. Thankfully, glass joint tubes abide by most states' cannabis packaging regulations. Glass tubes for pre-rolls provide superior protection than plastic or even tin counterparts.

Businesses should rely on glass pre-roll tubes before any other material. They are compatible with child-resistant lids to ensure that kids aren't prying open a glass blunt tube. Secondly, cannabis products won't be exposed to toxic microplastics with glass pre-roll tubes like they do in plastic packaging. Most importantly, when companies make glass pre-roll tubes bulk orders, they're providing customers with the utmost protection and security for their products. There's nothing worse than returning home from a legal retail store to find out a pre-roll is bent and filled with dried-up cannabis.

SmokeCones boasts one of the best collections of pre-roll tubes in the cannabis packaging sector. The assortment of lids includes glass pre-roll tubes with cork tops and child-resistant screw-on covers. Regardless of what you're looking for, we have an expansive selection to choose from to ensure that your products are fresh and compliant.

What are Glass Pre-Roll Tubes?

Joint tubes are a standard for packaging pre-rolled cones or blunts. They are one of the most convenient and cost-efficient methods for packaging joints. They're also available in different materials, like plastic and tin, glass pre-roll tubes have proven to be a classy option. These look incredible, and glass joint tubes provide excellent protection from excess humidity or dryness from ruining products.

Glass pre-roll tubes bulk orders can be closed with child-resistant lids or cork stoppers. Because of the tight encasement of the joint, there's significant protection from joints or blunts from bending or breaking. A glass blunt tube keeps products fresh for extended periods. So once they go through the pre-roll machine, they are preserved in glass pre-roll tubes to maintain their quality intact from farm to retailer.

What Glass Pre-Roll Joint Tubes are Available?

Glass tubes for pre-rolls range in size, but all of them are excellent for storing joints and blunts. Our selection of pre-roll glass tubes is as small as 22mm for the mini pre-roll to 120mm that perfectly holds a jumbo blunt.

Cork Top Glass Tubes For Pre-Rolls

The sleek, classy look of glass pre-roll tubes with cork stoppers is one of the many reasons it's highly sought after. The natural aesthetic and weight make them incredible for transportation, but the cork stopper plays a significant role in maintaining their freshness. The cork top provides an airtight enclosure for glass joint tubes that prevent excess humidity from ruining the joints. While these aren't tamper-evident or child-resistant, pre-roll shrink wrap can solve that issue.

Screw Top Glass Tubes For Pre-Rolls

If you're looking for glass pre-roll tubes with child-resistant lids, then screw tops are your best bet. There are two options -- regular caps and child-resistant push-and-turn tops. It's a helpful and straightforward solution that allows businesses to remain compliant and provide extra security to their products.

Where to Buy Wholesale Glass Pre-Roll Tubes in Bulk

SmokeCones is the #1 destination to find glass pre-roll packaging. We boast a wide selection of joint packaging, whether mylar bags, glass joint tubes, or metal tins. Cannabis packaging plays a significant role in keeping products fresh. We're here to ensure that your business is getting top-quality packaging to meet the products on the shelves.

SmokeCones has everything you need for glass joint tubes. We have the screw top glass tubes in bulk to provide a compliant-friendly packaging solution to storefronts. We carry screw-top child-resistant glass tubes for pre-rolls and cork stoppers. No matter what you're looking for, SmokeCones has it. With a price-beat guarantee, we ensure that businesses are getting products for the lowest cost.

We prioritize the customer experience before all else, and that's especially the case when it comes to packaging. SmokeCones' team of in-house designers is committed to making sure your products pop. They can create a visually appealing design for bulk orders of glass tubes or plaster a business' already existing logo on the encasing.

Our emphasis on customer service at SmokeCones means that we prioritize your needs the second you place an order. That comes in our live-chat feature via phone, email, or live chat that can quickly address any concerns or questions. We also have same-day shipping to bring products to your door immediately.

Shopping with SmokeCones for glass pre-rolls tubes in bulk is the best bet to ensure quality and swift deliveries.

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