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Cannabis Tins

There are several tiers to cannabis packaging but cannabis tins certainly sit at the top of the pyramid.

Metal boxes are easily one of the most durable ways of storing anything, from candy and minutes to pre-rolled joints. For some, the use of plastic bags is a thing of the past, and let’s be real -- they aren’t always environmentally friendly. With plenty of ways to recycle and reuse child resistant metal tins, they are one of the most sustainable types of packaging available that helps eliminate waste and offers a surplus of other benefits.

The spike of pre-roll cones in the cannabis industry led to an inevitably increasing demand for joint packaging. And between consumers and cannabis operators, the durability and reusability of a weed tin can go a long way. Everyone is trying to do their part to help fight against climate change, and packaging of any sort does play a significant role in littering. Bringing cannabis tins to your stores is an excellent way to introduce sustainable packaging efforts

Cannabis packaging tins are available for an assortment of products, whether that’s storing flowers or singular joints. Bulk tin containers are an all-encompassing solution for any cannabis product that’s on the shelves. For example, cannabis edibles, like gummies or hard candies, can be easily stored in a weed tin.

While wholesale tin containers are available in countless online shops, it’s still a matter of trial and error to find a trusted supplier with certified packaging products. Smoke Cones is your #1 supplier for all of your pre-roll packaging necessities. With a collection of everything from pre-roll tubes to cannabis packaging tins, there’s no easier way to shop for dispensary supplies.

What are Cannabis Tins?

Cannabis tins are an elite form of cannabis packaging in a variety of forms -- edible, flowers, pre-rolls, etc. A weed tin uses food-grade quality metal that provides protection to the contents inside. A strong reason why dispensaries and consumers should use tins for weed is that they provide air-seal protection and block sunlight.

Cannabis is a delicate plant, and once harvested, it’s necessary that it remains in certain environments to ensure that they’re preserved. The use of tin for weed can keep the freshness of flowers and edibles intact until they’re ready to consume.

From state to state, cannabis compliance regulations differ and often evolve rapidly. However, one thing that remains the same is the concern surrounding children’s access to marijuana. Child resistant metal tins offer an array of benefits, including the sustainability aspect, but they are an all-encompassing way of staying compliant. A packaging tin for edibles has compact storage for gummies and candies. Meanwhile, pre-roll tins are an incredibly discreet and portable way of carrying joints. They provide shockproof rugged storage that prevents joints from bending, folding, or breaking.

Bulk tin containers are one of the most convenient and foolproof ways of storing cannabis. The airtight seals prevent excess moisture from entering and the opaque exterior stops light from deteriorating the quality of products. Plus, if they’re not being used for cannabis anymore, they’re perfect for storing spices and herbs.

What Types of Cannabis Tin Containers are Available?

There’s a variety of bulk tin containers available on the market right now but cannabis operators and dispensaries must first determine what needs packaging. Of course, that breaks down to the product itself. Are you looking to swap out plastic pre-roll tubes for wholesale tin containers for joints? Or maybe you’d like to keep your tasty edibles fresh for longer periods of time without compromising their flavor or potency. Regardless of what your intention is, weed in a tin is easily one of the best ways to package cannabis.

A child-resistant tin can come in a variety of sizes as well. Small bulk tin containers are a perfect size for travel. Some smokers might be on the go, and these are one of the best for portability and discreteness. They’re available for loose flowers, like those that can contain a few grams, and pre-rolls, whether a single blunt or numerous mini-cones.

Medium child resistant metal tins are still an excellent choice for portability but they are admittedly a bit chunkier. Cannabis tins of this size can carry roughly an eighth (3.5 grams) or enough edibles to provide a serious buzz, regardless of their strength.

Large wholesale tin containers are best reserved for those who are looking to store larger amounts of cannabis. These are rugged rectangular tin boxes with plenty of durability and air-sealed lids to preserve cannabis flowers for long periods. Bulk weed tin units can store upwards of 7 grams.

Below, we’ve broken down the three main categories for tin containers available on Smoke Cones.

Push Tins

Cannabis tins with push lids are the best packaging for any flower enthusiasts. These provide excellent air-tight storage with unique lid technology that prevents excess moisture or air from seeping in. All while offering some of the best there is.

The double-lipped design on the lids is accompanied by a chamber between two metal rims. The containers are child-resistant, and activating the technology is as easy as pressing down on the lid. This also forces excess air out of the container to provide an air-sealed tight.

Hinged Box/Pre Roll Tins

If you’ve seen old mint or gum tin containers, then you’re probably already aware of how the pre-roll tins work. It’s a discrete weed tin that can slip into pockets and provide excellent odor-free solutions. Purchasing these bulk tin containers is perfect for storing a single joint or several of them.

Tin Edible Container

A tin edible container provides consumers with protection and discreteness. The airtight solutions from the press lids allow edibles to remain completely fresh until the moment they’re finished. They also come with hinged lids.

Where to Buy Wholesale Tin Containers for Cannabis

Smoke Cones is the #1 online destination to secure all of your pre-roll packaging needs including tin container bulk. We carry an array of materials for cannabis operators and dispensaries to remain compliant and keep their packaging fresh. We even have a cone filling machine collection for businesses that are seeking an automated solution for pre-roll joints. No matter what type of wholesale metal containers your business requires, there is something to fit all of your needs.

Metal tins with lids wholesale are easily one of the most versatile options. Because of their capabilities of storing flower, pre-rolls, and edibles, cannabis businesses must have these tin boxes in bulk. As previously mentioned, hinged lids are used for both pre-rolls and edibles. So, for any business that has either of these products on their line-up, it’s necessary to purchase hinged lid tin boxes wholesale.

There are a few benefits when shopping for wholesale metal containers on Smoke Cones. For one, we offer customization for any packaging order on our site. Our design team can help personalize cannabis tins with any business’s logo. If you don’t have a logo, our in-house team of designers can create one and make sure that the dimensions balance on any order of tin packaging wholesale.

Smoke Cones ultimately prioritizes the customer experience, starting from the moment you place an order. With our live chat feature, customers should rest assured that any questions or concerns will be answered promptly through phone, live chat or email. We also provide a price-beat guarantee to ensure your business is getting packaging at the cheapest rates. Plus, we have same-day shipping to bring orders to your door speedily.


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