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Futurola 84mm 1 1-4 Size Pre Rolled Blunt Paper Cones 400/Box - 1Futurola 84mm 1 1-4 Size Pre Rolled Blunt Paper Cones 400/Box - 2
Futurola 109mm King Size Pre Rolled Blunt Paper Cones 400/Box - 1Futurola 109mm King Size Pre Rolled Blunt Paper Cones 400/Box - 2
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Cyclones Natural Flavored Hemp Pre Rolled Cones 24/Box - 1Cyclones Natural Flavored Hemp Pre Rolled Cones 24/Box - 2

Pre Rolled Blunts

Just as joint cones are on pace to surpass rolling papers in popularity, there's a surge in demand for pre rolled blunts for the same reason -- efficiency.

Rolling joints and blunts are becoming an ancient art form that has died down in recent years. However, that doesn't mean people aren't smoking up. It's just that blunt cones save smokers time whenever they're trying to roll up. Instead of unraveling a leaf, emptying the guts, and getting straight to rolling up, blunt pre rolls are already in the form to stuff with weed and light up.

Dispensaries and cannabis operators bring much more than just flower to their customers. The evolution of cannabis has introduced concentrates, edibles, and pre rolls that are becoming a new norm in the industry. More and more consumers purchase pre rolled blunt cones stuffed with their favorite strains when they go to dispensaries. It's more common to see people casually whip out pre roll tubes with a cone blunt inside.

However, even smoke shops carry an abundance of pre rolled blunts options. Few people have the patience to roll up when they're ready to smoke. Instead, they just need to grind up their weed and stuff them in blunt pre rolls. Even the most prolific smokers lean towards blunt cones because of their convenience. These days, it’s better to just pack in a cone and head out the door instead of wasting valuable time rolling up a blunt.

Another reason why the pre roll blunt is becoming more popular because they're using other materials instead of tobacco. Backwoods, Phillies, and Swisher Sweets are the original blunts. However, pre roll blunt varieties from newly emerging companies provide an organic solution.

SmokeCones is your #1 online shop for all of your needs when it comes to packaging and pre rolled cones. For any business that wants to elevate their selection of pre rolls, blunt cones are one of the best selections for customers. As many might not want to roll up themselves, pre rolled blunts are an excellent alternative.

What are Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones?

Blunt pre rolls are blunt papers already formed into a cone shape, ready for smokers to simply pack with their favorite strains and light up immediately afterward. Unlike the most popular brands, cone blunt wraps aren't limited to tobacco leaves like traditional blunts. You can find pre rolled blunts in the form of hemp cones that mirror the feel and burn of tobacco leaves without the harmful carcinogens.

Several brands are leading the market for blunt pre-rolls. Futurola has an exceptional collection that includes two different sizes. Meanwhile, brands like Cyclones have built a reputation through tasty flavors, and slow-burns that mimic tobacco pre rolled blunt cones.

Pre rolled blunts are an excellent choice for personal use and for businesses looking to mass-produce pre rolls. Pre roll blunt wraps in bulk are among the many items that dispensaries and cannabis operators need to address the growing demands for pre-packaged weed.

What Blunt Cones are Available?

It's easy to find tobacco pre rolled wraps at any gas station or smoke shop, but there's a significant demand for various materials that form blunt cones. Organic hemp pre rolled blunt cones are a rising force dominating the industry right now. And plenty of companies is bringing all-natural pre roll blunt wraps to customers.

No matter your preference for a pre roll blunt, there are several options to consider. There are products from Futurola and Cyclones, but other blunt pre rolls can take the smoking experience to a whole different level.


Futurola pre rolled blunt cones use tobacco and nicotine-free products entirely. These pre roll blunt wraps are available in two different sizes -- 1 1/4 inch (83 mm) and king size (109 mm) pre rolled wraps. The former is on par with an average personal-sized joint, except with a slower burn than Futurola's joint cones. The 1 1/4 size and king size cone blunt include a 26 mm filter tip for milky pulls. Not to mention that Futurola also has a pre roll machine that works perfectly with their cones.


Cyclones blunt pre rolls are precisely what every smoker needs in their life. While they carry a similar feel and aesthetic to tobacco blunts, Cyclones pre rolls are wholly organic and are made with bio-organic material. Smokers shouldn't sleep on these blunt cones, especially since they provide clean smoke. Cyclones blunt pre rolls are available in an 80mm size with 768 units in every box. Cyclones also boast a 1 1/4 natural clear cones option that provides the same smooth burn.

Kush 24K Gold

Suppose you want a classy, expensive smoke, pair high-grade cannabis with Kush 24K gold hemp wraps. These are indeed one of the most remarkable ways to consume cannabis, although it's best to save these pre roll cones for special occasions. Kush 24K Gold pre roll manufacturers use a combination of edible gold and hemp. Kush 24K gold pre roll blunts are in a cone shape, perfectly ready to be packed with the best cannabis you could find. Each of the options is available in king-size. However, there are two types gold pre rolled cones or gold woven hemp cones that come with filters. Plus, they're display-ready and come with individual pre roll packaging.

Where to Buy Wholesale Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones

SmokeCones is the leading online shop that carries everything your business needs for packaging and pre rolled cones. We carry an array of options, including booklets of rolling papers, that every storefront must have in stock. That could be pre rolled blunts from Futurola or glass pre roll tubes to store said blunts. Regardless of what your business needs, just know that SmokeCones has it.

Businesses seeking pre rolled blunt cones need to look no further than SmokeCones. Along with the array of joint cones we have, the selection of blunt cones appeals to any true-and-tried tobacco enthusiast. The Futurola brand's selection includes two different sizes made from 100% bio-organic material. Meanwhile, Cyclones continues to hold it down with blunt wraps that look too similar to tobacco leaves. Created from hemp, it's the all-natural solution for packing cones. Our Kush 24K Gold papers provide a smooth, slow burn with a wicked aesthetic that'll catch anyone's attention at the next house party.

SmokeCones provides a slew of solutions for pre roll blunts and packaging. However, the essential part of SmokeCones is that we always prioritize our customers. For one, we have a price-beat guarantee that will ensure that whatever you order off of our site is at the lowest cost possible. Secondly, we offer same-day delivery to bring all of your orders to your door in a timely fashion. Our live chat feature via phone, email, or live chat allows customers to get prompt responses to any questions or concerns.

Dispensaries and smoke shops need a reliable supplier for bulk orders of packaging, papers, and pre rolled blunts. SmokeCones is the only place you should be going for all of your needs.

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