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OCB 84mm 1 1/4 Sized Virgin Pre Rolled Unbleached Paper Cones 900/BoxOCB 84mm 1 1/4 Sized Virgin Pre Rolled Unbleached Paper Cones 900/Box
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OCB King Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones Display Case - 1OCB King Size Pre Rolled Paper Cones Display Case - 2
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OCB 109mm King Sized Virgin Pre Rolled Unbleached Paper Cones 800/Box - 1OCB 109mm King Sized Virgin Pre Rolled Unbleached Paper Cones 800/Box - 2


What better way to roll up your flower than with one of the most trusted companies in cannabis culture, the OCB brand?

Rolling papers are a quintessential accessory for any cannabis consumer, even if smoking isn’t their choice method of consumption. Tobacco smokers first used OCB rolling papers -- as is the case with most rolling papers -- but soon enough, the craft cannabis consumers understood just how perfect they were for twisting up flower. OCB papers are made from flax plant fiber, offering an incredibly thin paper that burns smooth and slow. They are easily one of the greatest options and are widely available in most countries, as OCB has expanded the brand into six continents.

OCB’s evolution has led them into the frontier of the cannabis industry, especially as pre-rolled cones distributors. Over the years, the trusted rolling papers they’ve provided just became much easier to use through pre-rolled OCB cones. Dispensaries love joint cones because they make for a more efficient process of selling pre-packaged spliffs. Smokers are more drawn towards these options, especially since rolling is a daunting task for the inexperienced.

If you’re looking to buy OCB online, there’s no better e-shop than Smoke Cones. We’re the #1 shop for industry leaders seeking everything from mylar bags and pre-roll packaging necessities to finding the best OCB pre-roll machine. Smoke Cones’ OCB shop has a plethora of options for OCB rolling papers.

What is OCB?

OCB papers are among the most respected rolling papers on the market, with a history dating back to the early 1800s. René Corentin Bolloré, and his older brother Guillaume Claude Bolloré, established the first Odet paper mill in 1822. Nearly a century later, in 1918, the OCB brand was founded. Another century later, OCB rolling papers have established a long-standing legacy expanding to rolling trays, OCB pre-rolls, and various papers, including OCB Unbleached.

The brand’s name stands for Odet Cascedec Bollore. In France, the Odet river is where the first paper mill establishment stood in 1822. Cascedec in Scaër was another paper mill established by the brand. Finally, Bolloré is the name of the family who brought smokers the OCB finest rolling papers for six generations.

The OCB brand’s products started by being made of flax plant fibers, but slowly, they began experimenting with different materials. People are particularly fond of the OCB Unbleached papers. These commonly used OCB cones are currently flying off of shelves. When you buy OCB online, there’s a good chance that you’ll find their reputable cones.

Another option they have is their bamboo papers. OCB brand introduced “America’s first bamboo” rolling papers in 2020, which have also produced cones. These are one of the best OCB cones for slow-burning smoke.

We have one of the widest selections of products in our OCB shop -- as well as pre-roll packaging supplies -- with practically every single choice of rolling paper at your fingertips. Different materials and sizes for bulk purchase to set up smoke shops and dispensaries with the right accessories.

What OCB Cones are Available?

With the expansive line of OCB rolling papers, it only made sense that it would reflect on the array of pre-roll cones available. Every smoke shop needs to check out the collection of OCB cones on Smoke Cones to keep their shelves stocked with the best! Brand loyalists will find everything they desire in the France-based rolling paper company, from king-size to pre-roll mini OCB wraps.

OCB Unbleached Cones

For an all-natural smoking experience, unbleached OCB pre-rolls are your best bet. These are two sizes -- 1 ¼ OCB mini cones and king size -- with filters specifically engineered for a smooth smoking experience. Unbleached OCB cones are highly popular because they are 100% vegan-friendly and GMO-free without compromising the slow, smooth burn. Some have even said these are even smoother than OCB hemp rolling papers.

OCB Premium Cones

The ever-iconic OCB Premium papers are essential for any smoke shop. With more smokers on the market and many without rolling experience, the OCB pre-rolls from their Premium collection are a safe bet for beginners. The paper is so fine and transparent with sustainable harvest fibers and all-natural acacia gum material. These are also available in mini and king-size OCB pre-rolls.

OCB Bamboo Cones

Bamboo OCB rolling papers are the first of their kind in America. So, after gaining some significant popularity among smokers for their incredible burn quality, it only made sense that bamboo OCB cones would hit shelves. Bamboo fibers and natural acacia gum help form these papers. Bamboo OCB pre-rolls aren’t as thin as some of the other products the brand boasts. Still, the OCB brand prides itself on thin papers, and even with bamboo, these burn extra slowly. Bamboo cones from OCB rolling papers are an excellent accessory for any smoker.

Where to Buy OCB Branded Products Wholesale

Whether you’re looking for generic pre-roll tubes or the best OCB papers, Smoke Cones has everything you need. Our OCB shop boasts an expansive collection of papers, rolling machines, cones, and even rolling trays, all for the best prices you can find online. So, if you’re looking to buy OCB online, look no further than your friendly suppliers at Smoke Cones! We’ll make sure that you have the proper cannabis dispensary packaging and accessories to ensure that your business supplies the community with the best quality.

Smoke Cones has all types of OCB papers on deck, including the pre-roll cones mentioned above. OCB Bamboo, OCB Premium, and OCB Unbleached cones come with specifically engineered filters meant for pre-rolls. All you need to do is pack in your favorite flower and light up with a guaranteed even burn. Each box comes with upwards of 900 units to keep dispensaries and cannabis operators with ample supplies for bulk pre-rolled cones.

Smoke Cones remains committed to delivering top-tier customer satisfaction with every order. We ensure this in several ways. For one, our price-beat guarantee ensures that every order you make is at the best costs online. Secondly, we provide same-day delivery to bring orders to your door without long wait times. Thirdly, our live support option answers all the questions you have through phone, email, or live chat; we want to keep you updated on all of your products. Finally, we have secure payment options to process information efficiently. No matter what your OCB needs are, Smoke Cones has you covered!

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