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Manual Cones Filling Devices

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Paper Cones Manual Filling Devices

The manual cones filling devices are a quick and cost effective way to fill your pre rolled paper cones. These light weight, durable fillers are available in sizes that fit cones ranging from 84mm to the 109mm sizes. Simply insert the correspond paper pre rolls size into the slots, put your material on top and shake around until each paper cone it filled. For the easiest shopping experience, check out our handy size chart below to find the perfect filler for your needs!

Part Number Cone Length Cones® Sizes Filler Capacity
200-0033 84mm Special Small 36 Cones
200-0026 84mm Special Small 120 Cones
200-0034 98mm Small / Small De Luxe 36 Cones
200-0004 98mm Small / Small De Luxe 120 Cones
200-0035 109mm King Size / King Size De Luxe 36 Cones
200-0033 109mm King Size / King Size De Luxe 120 Cones
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