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Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones

Flavored pre-rolled cones are the best way to catch customers' eyes. Pre-rolled cones have always been popular, and that popularity has only increased as weed legalization continues to grow. With so many brands offering pre-rolled cones, one of the best ways to stand out is by providing flavored weed cones!

Flavored cones offer something fun and distinctive. We all love traditional, unflavored cones, but sometimes customers want to switch it up! Flavored pre-rolls are sure to add that extra something to the smoking experience.

What are Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones?

Flavored weed cones add some extra fun and magic to the joint smoking experience. Just like an unflavored pre-rolled cone, flavored pre-rolled cones have been rolled into a cone shape. The wider end tapers down towards the filter. Cones are popular because they hold more weed than straights, have a slower burn, and are massive time savers! When rolled with flavored cone papers, it is the cherry on top of a fantastic weed product.

Pop Cones Flavored Pre-Rolls

We offer one of the most premium flavored pre-rolled cones brands in the industry: Pop Cones. Customers want a flavorful hit every breath, any of the flavors that Pop Cones offers are the way to go! While most flavored weed cones hold their taste in the actual paper, Pop Cones have flavored tips. When customers are ready to enjoy the flavored cones, they simply have to squeeze the flavor bead into the filter. Once popped, it's as easy as lighting up the joint and enjoying it. Each time the smoke passes through the flavor cones, it delivers one of the most flavorful hits on the market!

Each flavor of Pop Cones comes in bulk and retail boxes. Bulk boxes of these flavored cones for weed come in 400/box. This amount is perfect if your business produces flavored cones, allowing you to pump out filled cones in your pre-roll machine in large quantities. Pop Cones also come in vibrant display packages if your business is on the retail, head shop side of the industry. Each pop-up display box comes with 24 flavored pre-rolled cones and makes a statement on any counters or shelves.

What Flavors are Available for Pre-Rolled Cones?

Of course, the quality of the roll and weed is important, but the flavor is one of the most essential aspects of making flavored weed cones special. Flavors should add an extra taste that pairs well with the natural flavor of weed. We offer four amazing flavors of Pop Cones that mix classic and novel tastes:

  • Banana Cream: When it comes to flavor, cones with banana cream give that perfect balance of fruit and dessert.
  • Strawberry Jam: This rich flavor of pre-rolled papers is the perfect summer flavor.
  • Super Sweet: This flavor will remind customers of candy, adding the perfect sugary taste to flavored cones.
  • Tropical Mango: Take a vacation with these flavorful Pop Cones! The mango flavor cones are fruity and fabulous.

Each flavor comes in two standard sizes: 1 ¼ and King Size. Both are available in bulk and retail sizes!

Where to Buy Cones for Weed Wholesale

When buying flavored cones for weed, it is vital that your business is getting the best wholesale prices. When you buy at wholesale prices, you drastically reduce costs to your business. This enables you to save money, sell to your customers at competitive rates, and buy in bulk! Smoke Cones offers the best wholesale pre-rolled cones around.

Why Buy Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones from Smoke Cones?

Smoke Cones is the #1 online supplier for all your cone needs. We have what you need to boost your cone business, from pre-roll packaging, like joint tubes and boxes, to organic products like hemp cones! Smoke Cones has the best service, prices, and products out there. There is no better place to order all your flavored cones than us. We won't leave you in suspense; let's get into all of the benefits you get from ordering from us!

As we covered, wholesale flavored weed cones are already at a great price, but we make it even better! We will give you a lower price if you can find a better price for the flavored cone papers we offer. Any flavored cones you order from us come with our price-beat guarantee.

One of the most frustrating things that can pop up when ordering is having questions that aren't being answered. Our live service options take care of that problem! Any business inquiries about flavored pre-rolled cones are answered live through web chat, email, and phone. A handy chat box pops right up when you go to our website! We are there with you, if you need us, through browsing flavored weed cones to check out.

You cannot go wrong when ordering from us; we will work closely with you to get your company all of the fantastic cone products you need!

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