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Our electronic and manual pre rolled paper cone filling machines make the production of large quantities of paper cones pre rolls possible. Dispensaries, clinics, and other retailers can make use of these paper cone filling devices to expedite the time spent on rolling paper cones. Smokecones is excited to offer both Cones brans and Buddies filling devices for our customers. To fill, simply slide the desired amount of paper cones into the cavities and then shake to distribute the filling material. Manual filling devices are simple to use, but for more efficiency consider getting an electric filling machine that makes use of a vibrating table sold separately that will shake all the product into the paper cones for you, no hassle. Our pre rolls filling devices come in a variety of pre rolled paper cones sizes ranging from 70mm to 180mm. Use the table below to find the right size for you!

Electric* Cone Length Cones® Sizes Filler Capacity
200-0048 70mm Single Size 85 Cones
200-0044 84mm Special Small 85 Cones
200-0043 98mm Small / Small De Luxe 85 Cones
200-0011 109mm King Size / King Size De Lux 85 Cones
200-0008 109mm Reefer Slim 109 Cones
200-0010 140mm Party Size 55 Cones
200-0045 180mm Super Size 19 Cones
*Requires Vibrating Base (200-0051)
Part Number Cone Length Cones® Sizes Filler Capacity
200-0033 84mm Special Small 36 Cones
200-0026 84mm Special Small 120 Cones
200-0034 98mm Small / Small De Luxe 36 Cones
200-0004 98mm Small / Small De Luxe 120 Cones
200-0035 109mm King Size / King Size De Luxe 36 Cones
200-0033 109mm King Size / King Size De Luxe 120 Cones
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