Smoke Cones FAQ

What are Smoke Cones rolling papers?
Rolling paper can be a tough task to roll correctly and almost always offer an uneven burn and harsh taste. Smoke Cones rolling papers are the opposite of that, and are pre rolled “cone shaped” rolling papers that require no hand rolling or machine. They are made from the thinnest and purest paper on the planet, for a cleaner smoke then conventional rolling paper. Smoke Cones are available in a variety of sizes to fit every smoker and are more affordable then zig zag or other rolling paper packs.

Where can I buy Smoke Cones?
Smoke Cones pre rolled rolling paper cones can be purchased from our retail website at Please visit our wholesale website section if you are a tobacco, medical or other retail store owner and want to resell Smoke Cones pre-rolled cones at

How many paper cones do I need?
Smoke Cones Rolling Paper cones can be purchased in a variety of sizes to fit your every need. Small cones are perfect for single use, king cones for heavy smokers and Giga cones for parties and or sharing. “A cone a day keeps the doctor away”.

Why are Cones better then rolling paper?
You can roll a cone faster than using rolling papers and a rolling paper roller machine. The thinner paper produces a cleaner taste and smoother burn. Enjoy consistency, with each and every cone coming out perfect. You also do not have to lick the paper and smoke saliva. Once you use Smoke Cones for a couple joints you will undoubtedly switch back to rolling papers.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, Smoke Cones retail website offers free shipping on all smoking products and accessories on certain dollar amounts.

Where does my product get shipped from?
All Smoke Cones products purchased will be shipped from our Orange County Warehouse for faster shipping.

Do I need to be 18?

Can Clipper lighters be re-filled?
Put simply yes! You can re-fuel your Clipper lighter from the bottom (just like any re-fillable gas lighter). Please read the safety instructions on the gas can before use. Another cool feature about Clipper Lighters is that you can also replace the flint. Just pull on the flint to remove the "flint strip" and replace accordingly.

How do I contact Smoke Cones directly?

Smoke Cones
1150 North Red Gum
Suite F
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 702-758-3420

Smoke Cones Rolling Paper Product Information

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