About Us

Put simply, Cones are perfectly pre-rolled papers with integrated cardboard filter. Cones are very popular world wide due to their ease of use and brilliant design. Cones come in a variety of sizes, there is a size to fit every smoker. We are proud to offer the complete line of Cones rolling papers. We offer Cones in retail packs, bulk boxes, rolling machines, and packaging for Cones. SmokeCones can also offer custom printing of papers and packaging, this is a great way to promote your shop or event. Please contact us or visit our wholesale page to create an account. We look forward to servicing you in the very near future.

NEW! Wholesale Cones

We are proud to announce that our loyal customers can now buy Smoke Cones products in bulk from our new Smoke Cones Wholesale website. Store Owners or Cones users can now purchase bulk orders with HUGE savings and special pricing breaks. Smoke Cones wholesale is completely FREE and anyone can join, just click here or go to wholesale.smokecones.com to start shopping today!
Once you join Smoke Cones Wholesale you get Smoke Cones prerolled papers, natural papers, j-toobs and more at wholesale pricing! The HUGE popularity and growing Smoke Cones fan base makes a great sales market for wholesalers. There are no membership fees to join and shipping on most items are free. Click here to join Smoke Cones Wholesale free.